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The NSIPA has provided the NRIAA members access to their library items.  Please request / order items from Sandy Grant.




Power Point Slide Shows

Payroll (Not Renumeration) (PowerPoint, 313 kb)
This slide show discusses payroll as an exposure base and the various inclusions and exclusions for both workers compensation and general liability. (State exceptions in this presentation are geared only to the western states)

Managing Your Field and Improving Your Productivity (PowerPoint, 75 kb)
This slide show suggests ways to save time and increase efficiency throughout the various phases of the premium audit process.

GL Classification Rule Clinic (PowerPoint, 262 kb)
The General Liability Rules Clinic slide show discusses:

Legal Entities

  • Payroll Based exposures – owners, partners, officers, LLC members
  • Contractors Executive Supervisors
  • Interior Carpentry
  • Uninsured Subcontractors
  • Total Cost exposures
  • Leasing and Temporary Labor
  • Mobile Equipment Operators
  • Draftspersons
  • Sales Based exposures – Inclusions and Exclusions
  • Manufacturers with Retail Operations
  • Inter-company sales
  • Special Inclusion rule

Mug Shots of a Residential Construction Site (PowerPoint, 24.3 Mb)
This slide show will acquaint you with class codes pertaining to building a single-family dwelling. Features high-resolution images and diagrams.



Now, Discover Your Strengths How to develop your talents and those of the people you manage (3 hours)

NSIPA Teleseminar The Exit Interview Recorded: 8/2005 Myles Bancroft
NSIPA Teleseminar Reconciliation Recorded: 11/2005 Bob Frenzer
NSIPA Teleseminar Subcontractors Recorded: 2/2006 Michael Curran
NSIPA Teleseminar Description of Operations Recorded: 5/2006 Jim Marks
NSIPA Teleseminar Premium Fraud Recorded: 11/2006 Neil Johnson
NSIPA Teleseminar Garage Liability Recorded: 1/2007 Michael Curran
NSIPA Teleseminar Web Tools for Premium Auditor Recorded: 3/2007 Kenneth Phillips
NSIPA Teleseminar Up the Down Escalator Recorded: 12/2007 Kenneth Phillips
NSIPA Teleseminar Coml Property/Inland Marine Recorded: 3/2008 Kenneth Phillips
NSIPA Teleseminar USL&HW Longshore Recorded: 11/2008 Will Hammon

Executive Speaking Skills or Having Sex with Your Audience – 150 Minutes
Joe Tye teaches how to find, tailor, and tell great stories; how to use metaphors to create compelling visual images; why body language and voice are more important than the words themselves, and how to present yourself with power.

The Values Coach Special Resources (CD) – 1240 Pages
These eight e-books and 14 special reports by Joe Tye are a goldmine of business-enhancing and life-transforming resources.

The Twelve Core Action Values (CD) – 420 pages
This manual will walk you through the twelve core action values: authenticity, integrity, awareness, courage, perserverance, faith, purpose, vision, focus, enthusiasm, service, and leadership.

Spark Your Success (CD) – 640 Minutes
This program gives you eight doorways to success on eight CDs in easy to listen to, short segment action taking courses. Learn to energize, visualize, and mobilize.


Cassette Tapes

FISH ! Tales Learn how to boost morale 2 tapes
Who Moved My Cheese A simple parable that reveals profound truths about CHANGE 1 hour
Organizing Your Life & Getting Rid of Clutter Organize your home or office and clean up the mess that slows you down, costs
you money and stresses your life…
approx 2 hours

American Institute for CPCU and IIA

Education: A Path to Professionalism Importance of education 11 min
The Preparation Video Planning for CPCU and IIA Study 11 min
Introduction to Accounting Principles and Financial Statements (CPCU 8) 17 min
Statutory Accounting Principles, An introduction (CPCU 8) 16 min
Exam Preparation Video Advice on taking institute exam 16 min

How to Give Exceptional Customer Service

Volume 1 The Total Service Experience 11 min
Volume 2 Delivering Service with a Heart 11 min
Volume 3 Pleasing the Challenging Customer 17 min
Volume 4 Becoming a Service Star 16 min

Each Volume has a leader workbook containing lesson notes and exercises.

Oldies but Goodies

Employee or Independent Contractor? 17 min
Combating Premium Fraud 7 min
Four Situations an Auditor might Encounter 20 min
Ripping of the System (CBS news) 13 min
The Premium Auditor 17 min


Good People, Bad Choices (DVD) – 24 Minutes
Features nine case studies based on true events that depict a variety of ethical dilemmas or acts of ethical misconduct common in the workplace.

Dealing With Conflict (DVD) – 20 Minutes
Compelling Interpersonal Skills Training for Powerful Organizations

Do Right, the Plan – Video (DVD) – 35 minutes
Features Lou Holtz, motivational speaker and popular college football coach, presenting a discussion of four key elements – Have A Positive Attitude, Focus, Be A Dreamer, and Be Passionate — and how to apply them for personal and organizational success.

Video (VHS)

Fish! Catch the Energy. Release the Potential.- 17 min.
Fish! Philosophy: Play, Make Their Day, Be There, Choose Your Attitude.
1 video, 1 workbook, 1 facilitator’s guide.

The Power of Vision – 30 min.
Demonstrates that having a positive vision of the future is the most forceful motivator for change-for-success that companies and individuals possess.

The Abilene Paradox (IN) – 30 min.
Deals with the problems of decision making in a group setting. How failure to speak up can result in poor decisions. Excellent rating – April 1987

Atlantic City, NE Region-Opening – 45 min. – June 1992
Opening: Bruce Hanelt, NRIAA President;
Welcome: Patti Mitrik, NJIAA President; Keynote: David Hannum, NJCRIB

Auditing Municipalities (NJ) – 50 min.
June 1992

Business Income Insurance: An Introduction – 20 min.

Coping with Difficult People I & II – 20 min. each
Shows the way to handle the most difficult personality types.

  • Part I: Know-it-alls, Experts, Stallers, and Snipers;
  • Part II: Tanks, Super-Agreeables, Complainers.

Employee or Independent Contractor – 13 min.
Produced by the IRS

IAASE 1990 Seminar Jacksonville, FL Series of 5 tapes.

Introduction to Accounting
Principals & Financial Statements Produced by the Insurance Institute. This video covers the first five assignments in CPCU 8.

It’s All Over – 10 min.
Tape gives example of how sometimes people complete a wonderful, motivating training session, only to return to their old ways, immediately. Video completes an interview with attendee to facilitate implementation of newly learned skills.

It’s So Simple – 15 min.
Shows why effective leadership is about giving up the notion that you are “in control.” It’s about why the most important job qualification is what’s in a person’s heart and spirit, and why you should forgive any mistake as long as an employee is “leaning toward the customer, rather than away from the customer.” 1 video, 1 leader’s guide.

Metal, Auto, Concrete – 2 hours 30 min.

NSIPA Conference – May 10, 1996

Nobody’s Perfect – 4 min.
Employee makes a major decision, which turns out to be a mistake. Video depicts employee’s various reactions by his boss up to termination. Final scene is with boss.

An Ounce of Different – 16 min. 30 sec.
The video will help you hone in on your differences and translate them into a positive in your personal and professional life. An once of different is worth more than a pound of the same.

PAAS Education Session (MO) – 2 hours
Speaker: Ron Latz – May 1990, Classifications for Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation.

PAAS – Subcontractors, Employee/Employer Relationships – 45 min
Speaker: William Hauswirth, PAAS – June 1992

Premium Fraud, It’s Everyone’s Business – 15 min. 30 sec.
Produced by Travelers Insurance.

Seminar: Conduct During the Audit
Part I – 68 min. Part II – 96 min.

Smooth Operation – 40 min.
Speaker: Clint Maun
Lifestyle management techniques with tips on daily problem solving, performance improvement, dealing with others.

  • Session 1: Unavailable;
  • Session 2: Specific step by step method for results-oriented improvement of performance at work and home.
  • Session 3: Guaranteed positive methods for dealing with bosses, employees, children, friends, and foes.

2003 Annual Seminar

  • Kansas City, June 8-10, 2003
  • Business Development Workshops
  • Garage Liability – Then and Now.
  • General Liability Rules & New Classifications.
  • Auditing Inland Marine.
  • Managing a Remote Field Force.

The Power of Listening – 22 min
Produced by CRM Films.

The Trouble with Training – 10 min.
Example of a bad attitude by attendee at a training session.

Well-Balanced Living-People, Our Greatest Resource – 70 min.
Speaker: Carole Harder – May 1983
Motivational talk concerning the following: Power of achievement, listening, one-minute managing, etc. Excellent Rating. 2 copies.

WIIA Joint Meeting, March 29, 1999

Muppet Tapes
Series of videos. Each contains sketches that poke fun at the corporate world. They are guaranteed to lighten up your next meeting.

  • Muppet Break Out – 8 min. 23 sec.
  • How to Sell; Great Salespeople Through History; How to End a Meeting.
  • Muppet Breaker Upper – 8 min. 25 sec.
  • Introductions with a Slight Snare; Five Basic Rules of Selling; Wheels of Progress; the Secret of Success.
  • Muppet Lift Off – 6 min. 16 sec.
  • Super Salesperson; Safety Zone; The Rap Up.

Robert H Fine Leadership Series Leadership vs Management
Seminar workbook with overheads

Your Dreams are too Small (BOOK) – 162 pages
This entertaining and educational story will show you the path toward visualizing and realizing your most authentic, most magnificent dreams.

APA 91 Principles of Premium Auditing (BOOK)
Everett D. Randall, CPCU, APA
Third Edition, Volume 1, © 1995 Insurance Institute of America

APA 92 Premium Auditing Applications (BOOK)
Everett D. Randall, CPCU, APA
Third Edition, Volume 1, © 1995 Insurance Institute of America